It’s Family Reunification, not Chain Migration

In a recent statement, the government belittled our family reunification immigration laws, adopting the pejorative term  “chain migration.”  It further claimed family immigration “has depressed wages and job opportunities for comparably skilled American workers.” Aside from offering no valid proof of this claim, the current government disregards the objective of keeping families together, which America has long recognized as a core national value.

Family-based immigrants simply are not a drain on the system. Economic studies have found that immigrants pay more into the system than they take out. Not to mention that many become business owners and job creators, serve in the military, and rear children who are productive members of society.

And, family immigration is not unlimited and does not create a “chain” of “distant” relatives, despite the Trump administration claims to the contrary.  Family visas are only available to spouses, children, parents, and siblings.  And it can take from three to 25 years for a family member to immigrate! For example, brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens who filed petitions between 1994 and 2004 are only now able to immigrate. Yet, the Trump administration proposes to eliminate parents, siblings, and adult children from eligibility.

Fortunately, many lawmakers oppose the rollback of family immigration so these proposals to end “chain migration” may never become law.   Of course, we will continue to closely monitor this and other proposed legislative, policy, and regulatory changes to the family-based immigration system.

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Published by Ann Massey Badmus

Ann Badmus helps foreign national medical providers and their employers successfully cut through immigration red tape for fast and timely employment. Through her unique Immigration Prescription Program, she skillfully solves even the most complex immigration problems. Her comprehensive and clear advice has helped thousands of providers, employers, and recruiters avoid immigration delays, saving time and expense and providing a stress-free experience for all. Ann is frequently invited to speak about immigration issues before various organizations, including medical associations such as the American Academy of Neurology. She has also published numerous immigration articles and has authored a well-received book, The Immigration Prescription: The Practical Guide to Immigration for Foreign Born Physicians.

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