Do’s and Don’ts for Texting with Lawyers

Today, our phones are constantly attached to us like an extra limb. So of course, many clients find it convenient, efficient, and effective to text their attorneys.  However, clients need to take certain precautions to protect their confidential information when using mobile phones to communicate with their lawyers. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to texting with your lawyer:. 


  • Text your attorney to set or cancel appointments. 
  • Text your attorney when you need to speak immediately during an emergency. 
  • Text questions about office location, payments, or any other administrative queries. 


  • Send pictures of events, documents, or other evidence relating to your case.
  • Send personal information such as social security numbers or birth dates. Many text messages applications (SMS and MMS, for example) are not encrypted and could expose sensitive information. Consider using other apps that can encrypt texts like WhatsApp, Signal Private Message, and iMessage.
  • Ask legal questions or send decisions about your case. To maintain confidentiality, it’s better to communicate those over the phone or at an appointment. 

No matter your medium of choice, always make sure you’re communicating securely. Social media and phones allow us to send and receive messages with the push of a button, but be sure to ask your lawyer about their own protocols to protect your data when it comes to texting and social media. 

This information is provided as an educational service. Consult with an attorney for your specific circumstances.  For a comprehensive evaluation of your immigration options, you are invited to call me at 214-472-2161, complete my contact form,

Published by Ann Massey Badmus

Ann Badmus helps foreign national medical providers and their employers successfully cut through immigration red tape for fast and timely employment. Through her unique Immigration Prescription Program, she skillfully solves even the most complex immigration problems. Her comprehensive and clear advice has helped thousands of providers, employers, and recruiters avoid immigration delays, saving time and expense and providing a stress-free experience for all. Ann is frequently invited to speak about immigration issues before various organizations, including medical associations such as the American Academy of Neurology. She has also published numerous immigration articles and has authored a well-received book, The Immigration Prescription: The Practical Guide to Immigration for Foreign Born Physicians.

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