MAVNI And Accelerated Naturalization (Expedited Citizenship) For Foreign Physicians

Foreign physicians who enter the MAVNI program as enlisted personnel or officers can apply for accelerated naturalization (also referred to as expedited citizenship). MAVNI participants must apply voluntarily for accelerated naturalization, by which they are able to move from non-immigrant visa or asylee/refugee/TPS status directly to citizenship, bypassing the lengthy Green Card process. The military is the only employer who can offer expedited citizenship and only military service members can naturalize without first obtaining a Green Card.

When MAVNI applicants seek accelerated naturalization through the military, they pay no fees for their application. However, foreign physicians and other medical professionals will be contractually obligated to fulfill either three years active duty or six years Select Reserve. Overall, a recruit has an eight-year contractual commitment to the military, including non-active service, and naturalization can be revoked if an applicant does not provide at least five years of honorable service.

Published by Ann Badmus

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