Client Compliments

I am very happy and thankful to this law firm, the staff was very efficient, friendly and respectful. All my emails were answered in a timely manner. Again, I’m happy I chose this law firm and I will definitely recommend to all my friends and colleagues.

S. Recabarren, M.D.

I would rate Badmus Law Firm, PLLC as the best I have ever used and I have used a few firms in the 16 years that I have been in the U.S. They are prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable and the prices are more than fair.

Y. Boateng, M.D.

The staff at Badmus makes you feel like you are not alone in the process. They keep very current on immigration affairs, identify problems way before they become apparent, and save you a lot of money and time.

S. Kassis, M.D.

I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Badmus Law Firm, PLLC. My case was handled by Angela Lopez. I was on a J-1 visa and my waiver process went smoothly and without incident. I had Angela help with my green card three years later and that went through without any problems. I had my green card within 78 days after I finished my waiver. I found Angela to be very knowledgeable and professional. She was always available to help ease my fears. The service she provided was top notch and I would recommend her without reservation.

M. A. Rizvi, M.D.

My experience with Badmus Law Firm, PLLC has been an unforgettable one. Their services are superb, fees very reasonable and their prompt responses to all questions cannot be overemphasized. They are, in fact, the most efficient immigration law firm I have ever worked with.

F. Obeng, M.D.

The most important thing to me was they can be reached easily. There is no run around given to me as a client…Now that is what I call A RELIABLE ATTORNEY

E. Ansa, M.D.

What I admired most was how easily accessible you were and how promptly you returned phone calls or e-mails…I will highly recommend you to anyone I know looking for a waiver or H-1B

J. Fynn, M.D.

I was very impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness and approach. Whenever I emailed them an inquiry, they always had the reply on the same day, even after my case was completed

X.L.Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

More than a joy, it is an asset to have people as reliable as Badmus Law Firm, PLLC working with me. All my concerns are answered thoroughly and very timely…You certainly can count on them.

W. Kcomt, M.D.

I was particularly impressed with the promptness of the service and how knowledgeable Ms. Badmus and her associates were about current immigration issues. I would readily recommend this firm to friends and family.

K. Orleans –Lindsay M.D.

I am particularly impressed by the prompt response to inquiries and the easy accessibility to Attorney Badmus. This was not my experience with my previous immigration law firm. Keep doing what you are doing.

K.Uma, M.D.

Badmus Law Firm, PLLC is second to none, they don’t preach service the practice it!!! Ann is a great listener, and I never felt hurried. Her confidence is infectious and she has great style.

F. A. Addo, M.D.

It has been an excellent experience.

M. Saleemi, M.D.

Good. All staff is very friendly and helpful. They answer our questions and return calls. Promptly. They helped and guided me in the best way.

S. Shan, M.D. and A. Ahmad, M.D.

Very fast and efficient processing of the waiver and H1 visa. Responded quickly to my inquires.

J. Marquez, M.D.

Excellent Firm. Quick response to emails and phone calls. Professional, courteous and understanding.

K. Shaikh, M.D.

It was a wonderful experience. Ann was very helpful land courteous; she even received my petition at home on a weekend. I am and will highly recommend this firm to my family and friends. The fees are very fair. And you have a very pleasant staff, especially Dawn.

M. Ramzan, M.D.

Choosing an immigration lawyer is the most critical decision as far as applying for J-1 waiver is concerned. I was referred to Badmus Law Firm, PLLC by one of my friends, and I realized later that this was the best decision and it never made me regret. I have come across people going through J-1 waiver process and complaining about their lawyers or not knowing many things about their process. It was entirely different situation with me, since I was given the most accurate information, prompt response every time I contacted them, and whole waiver process was handled in an exceptionally efficient fashion. Lawyers in the law firm are very readily available, which is a huge plus and rare to find in real world. Last, but no the least, I was surprised by the lowest fees for the services which, I’m sure, are much superior to what other people get from celebrity law firms. I can write a whole essay about the qualities of this law firm, but in summary, Badmus Law Firm, PLLC is the most accurate, efficient, cost effective, and authentic law firm and I would recommend it very highly to every J-1 holder without any hesitation.

M. Safdar, M.D.
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