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Our firm offers or participates in seminars and events that educate you about the key legal issues that matter to you.

Physician Immigration Q&A Webinar Series
stethoscope-2617701_1920 (1)A monthly free webinar exclusively for physicians and medical employers. Immigration is a hot topic and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. While the internet, friends, and colleagues can be good resources, immigration law is very complicated. No case is the same as another. Here’s your chance to separate fact from rumor. If you have an immigration question on your mind, join us for our free webinar and get the facts about immigration rules that could affect you, your family, or your practice. This is a 45 minute session so space is limited. Register today to secure your chance to get your immigration question answered.

In addition to our participation in public seminars, events, and continuing legal and human resource education courses, our  lawyers regularly hold free-on-site educational programs for corporations, universities, hospitals, research institutions, community organizations, student groups, and religious organizations.  To view our previous seminars and events, visit Our Video Library .

If you would like an informational program on any area of  law to be held at your institution and would like further information, please email your request to

NOTE: Immigration law changes frequently. The resources and information provided on this web site are intended to help you understand basic issues involved in the immigration process, and are offered only for general informational and educational purposes. This information is not offered as, nor does it constitute legal advice or legal opinions. Although we strive to keep this information current, we neither promise nor guarantee that the information is the latest available, or that it applies to your specific situation. You should not act or rely upon the information in these pages without seeking the advice of an attorney.

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