Recruiter Advantage Program

Almost 30% of U.S. physicians are foreign medical graduates (FMG) and that number is growing! As a physician recruiter, an alliance with an immigration attorney can be critical to your success. With attorney Ann Massey Badmus’ recruiter advantage program:

Recruiters can place IMG physicians more quickly, confidently and painlessly, because they are able to cut through the complex maze of immigration red tape, as a result of our proven streamlined procedures, confidence-building client consultations, and easy-to-understand immigration advisories that we call our Recruiter Advantage Program.

Our Recruiter Advantage Program is a free service that can help you make more placements. With our program, you get:

  • Answers to your immigration questions without charge – no more wasted time on placements that won’t work because of immigration issues
  • Priority appointments for your employers and candidates – fast service for faster placements
  • Monthly updates on immigration news affecting physicians, including current availability of Conrad 30 waiver program slots
  • Free educational seminars for you and your clients and candidates
  • A free copy of the Immigration Prescription for your candidates and employers
  • Free announcements of your jobs to our database of physicians
  • Exchange of website links

Just take these easy steps to join Recruiter Advantage Program:

Email with your full contact information, including address, phone numbers, etc. and request to join the Recruiter Advantage Program.You will automatically receive monthly updates and a complimentary copy of the Immigration Prescription and your website link will be added to our jobs page.

Email your immigration questions to   One of our attorneys will respond within 24 to 48 hours. If you need faster answers, please call our office at 214-494-8033.

As you introduce clients or physicians to attorney Ann Massey Badmus, please ask them to mention your name for a priority appointment and we will offer to schedule telephone appointment with an attorney within 24 hours.

Email your job announcements and website links to  for posting in our newsletter and our website.

Thank you for your participation in the Recruiter Advantage Program!




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